Advanced Scribes House Quiz
Welcome to the Advanced Scribes House Test! You will be sorted into either: Wyvern: The Sensation Seekers, Unicorn: The Identity Seekers, Phoenix: The Security Seekers or Kitsune: The Knowledge Seekers. Please use the same email that is linked to your Advanced Scribes account - this is very important as it makes sure users can't take the test twice! No, you don't have to have access to your email - we will only be using this information for identification purposes. Note: making a new AS account for new sorting results is not permitted.
Email address *
When in a club, you tend to: *
If your friend needs support, are you more likely to: *
How do you handle grief: *
What kinds of friends do you gravitate towards: *
How do you handle confrontation: *
What element do you associate with most: *
Would you prefer a friend who: *
Are you most in tuned with: *
Pick an item from the table: *
You can save only one: *
What's your room like: *
You see your friend with someone you know is a trouble maker: *
If you could have only one: *
How do you want to be remembered: *
Party on a Sunday night: *
You witness a fight on the streets: *
What impact on the world do you want to make? *
You’ve been thrown into the Hunger Games. How would you survive? *
What would be most excruciating?Being paralyzed from the neck down *
What class do you think you would be? *
Where are you most at peace? *
Would you rather..... *
How far are you willing to go to defend someone you love? *
What do you like to listen to most? *
Where would you want to live? *
What dog would you want most? *
If you could have one power, what would you rather have? *
The zombie apocalypse has come. Do you… *
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