Rowan Writing Center Tutor Application
The Rowan Writing Center is hiring graduate and undergraduate tutors.  

Our Mission
Writing Center Tutors work with undergraduate and graduate students on writing assignments across the disciplines. This includes traditional essays, research papers, lab reports, slide shows & presentations, speeches, resumes, scholarship applications, personal statements, and creative writing projects.  Part of doing this includes assisting students with navigating genres and developing critical reading and academic skills.  Tutors work one on one and in small groups, individually and in teams. They tutor in the Writing Center and provide information sessions for classes and facilitate workshops in classrooms alongside instructors. This requires speaking in front of groups of up to 30 people. Paid training and ongoing professional development are provided. Opportunities for research and conference participation exist. The Rowan Writing Center encourages applicants from all academic disciplines.

Undergraduate candidates should have completed College Composition II or its transfer equivalent with a B and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Undergraduate tutors are expected to make a minimum commitment of ten hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters (2-semester minimum commitment). All tutors must participate in two-day long training sessions in August and be available on Fridays from 2p-3p in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Graduate applicants should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Graduate applicants with research, journal publication, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, learning consultant or teaching assistant experience strongly preferred. Graduate tutors are expected to make a minimum commitment of six hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters (2-semester minimum commitment).  All tutors must participate in two-day long training sessions in August and be available on Fridays from 2p-3p in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

How to Apply
Applications should include writing samples from two different academic disciplines, genres or modes (Comp essay, lab report, history paper, infographic, video…), name and contact information for a faculty recommender, and answer the following application questions.  All materials must be submitted using the online form (do not email separately).

1. Come to the Tutor Meet & Greet March 28th or 29th.
2. Tutor/Teach a daily skill (3 minutes) at the meet greet breakout or in your one on one tutoring session by April 10th.
3. Be tutored! Sign up for a one on one tutoring session by April 10th.
4. Apply online by April 10th (resume, writing samples, recommendors names and completed form). 
5. If selected participate in interviews in May during finals week. 

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Full Name
University Email Address
Cell phone number
All applicants are required to experience tutoring as part of the application process. You may self-schedule at a face to face appointment at Please list the date & name of your tutor for a session in the last thirty days.
Will you have completed College Composition II or its transfer equivalent by the end of the current semester? You may need to provide an updated transcript or final grades if you are currently enrolled in CCII upon receiving an offer of employment.
Clear selection
Are you an undergraduate or graduate candidate?
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Anticipated graduation (semester and year)
At least a two (2) semester commitment is required. Can you make a two semester commitment?
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List your major, minor, concentrations or certificates. If you are a graduate or transfer student also list previously earned degrees or certificates.
Have you taken any discipline-specific research or writing class? Examples: Historical Methods, Tutoring Writing, Assessing Writing, Critical Methods for English Majors, Research Methods in Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Sophomore clinic, Science journalism, Communication in Biology... Please list
What languages do you speak and in what settings?
Describe your participation in clubs, activities, volunteerism on campus.
Finish this sentence: Writing is...
Why do you want to be a Rowan Writing Center tutor?
Tell us about a specific moment where you taught, coached, mentored someone. (For example, led an origami frog-making class, helped your parents set up Face-ID on their account, taught a younger sibling how to use Google Drive for school.)
New tutors usually work 6-10 hours a week. Returning tutors can work up to 20 hours a week, however, to get that you need to supply 20 hours or more of availability during our operating hours, which you can find on our schedule. Can you at least fulfill the minimum of about 6-10 hours a week?
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Do you have other on campus employment? If so,  name the department and your current commitment (hours).
In addition to one on one and small group appointments our tutors lead workshop, go to class visits, assist in classes and promote the center across campus. Are you comfortable speaking in public?
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Our tutors MUST participate in three phases of PAID orinetation. Live Virtual training Tuesday, May 16th 10 am - 2 pm (via Zoom) and preservice asynchronous training in canvas by August 30th, and a two hour session from 2-4 pm on Friday, September 8th in the RWC.  Weekly professional development will be held on Fridays from 2-3 pm in person during the regular semester. Can you do this? *
Our tutors MUST attend weekly or biweekly meetings on Fridays from 2pm - 3pm in the Writing Center during the regular semester. We typically offer them 10-12 times a semester. Can you attend at least 8 Fridays? *
Are you FWS (federal work study) eligible? (We have FWS and non-FWS positions available.)
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The onboarding process at the RWC involves meeting multiple deadlines and requests for information including application documents, availability, required proof of eligibility to work documents and university forms. If you fail to meet any of these deadlines or requests you may be removed from the applicant pool/consideration or an offer for employment may be rescinded. *
Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Are they any questions above that you would like to address in more detail? Do that here. *
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