Admin Test
Take the test for the chance to become part of the Chill-Servers administration team.
There are 43 possible points. You need to get at least 30 to be promoted to Admin. 20-30 points will mean you will be promoted to Moderator. Less than that mean you're probably not very fit to be admin. Promotions will usually be dealt within 24 hours. After the test is graded, the score and a button to check responses will be sent to you via email.
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Basic Info
Please provide us with some basic account info. This will be used to identify you and test if your account is valid. This information will not be shared.
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Doesn't have to be a full/ legal name. Just something as an identifier.
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Steam Profile URL *
A unique Steam ID can be derived from your Steam Profile URL which is required for offline promotions.
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Discord User ID
If you would like your Discord account to be the same rank as your Gmod ULIB rank, please provide your username and ID. If you're already an admin on Discord, your rank will be synced with the Gmod servers after passing the test.
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Birth Date *
When were you born? What's your birthday?
Do you have a microphone and use it often to communicate in games with voice chat? *
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