Grade 7H Copyright and Creative Commons Test
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1. What does the term plagiarise mean? (1 marks) *
Choose the correct answer from the following options:
2. True or False: In terms of South African copyright law you can transfer copyright to another party for example a publisher? (1 mark) *
3. For a piece or writing/music or a picture to be protected under copyright it must be: (1 mark) *
Choose the correct answer from the following options:
4. True or False: You need to pay a fee to license your work through creative commons. (1 mark) *
5. True or False: 'Attribution license' within Creative Commons means among other things people can remix your work so long as they credit your name as requested by you. (1 marks) *
6. True or False: In terms of Creative Commons 'No Derivative Works' means that others can copy, distribute, display or perform verbatim copies of your work. (1mark) *
7. True or False: Are you allowed to combine more than one Creative Commons license together to form the best license for you? (1 mark) *
8. True or False: If you patchwrite - which means you copy most of the documents language and structure but change a few things for example the beginning or ending paragraph - are you plagiarising? (1 mark) *
9. True or False: You just saw the coolest video clip on the internet. You want to download it and cut it into your own video that you have been working on. You will not use the entire video clip, so it should not be a problem. (1 mark) *
10. If you write a poem for a poetry assignment for your English class, who owns the work ? (1 mark) *
Choose the correct answer from the following options:
11. True or False: You download the latest Marvel movie off an internet site. This is completely ok - why else would they have a copy available for download on the internet? (1 mark) *
12. True or False: If you buy a painting from an artist this gives you permission to sell pictures/copies of this painting on the internet. (1 mark) *
13 .List and explain 4 ways of preventing plagiarism. (8 marks) *
14. BONUS QUESTION: Who used Creative Commons licenses to license her YouTube videos. (1 mark) *
Hint we watched it during class.
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