Call for Application for the Tenth Set of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD) Leadership School (May 2018 - April 2019).
Do you want to become a leader and be equipped with leadership skills for transformation of organisations and society? Do you want to get the tools to become a better leader? Do you want to be a leader of leaders? Do you have a vision for leadership?
If your answer to the above questions is in the affirmative, then you are a candidate for the Centre LSD Leadership School. The school will run for a period of one year (May, 2018-April, 2019) for the 10th set of students.
The first set of students graduated on 17th April, 2010.
The second set graduated on 14th May, 2011.
The third set graduated on 28th April 2012.
The fourth set of students graduated on 21st April, 2013.
The fifth set graduated on 19th April, 2014.
The 6th graduated on 18th April, 2015.
The 7th graduate on 16th April, 2016.
The 8th set graduated on 22nd April, 2017.
The 9th set will graduate on the 21st of April, 2018.
At the school, there are a lot of presentations, group work, interactive sessions, coaching, mentoring and assignments to be supervised by the Faculty but physical meeting takes place every third Saturday of the month from 10.00am - 2.00pm.
A maximum of sixty students will be admitted for this session. Participation in the school is free but students are expected to buy at least ten textbooks on Leadership(not supplied by the Centre).
Certificate of participation will be given to students who complete the necessary attendance (at least 70 percent) and assignments.
BACKGROUND The importance of leadership for the success of organizations and nations cannot be overemphasized. Some scholars have pointed out that everything rises and falls on leadership.Despite this recognition, there is scarcity of leaders all over the world. According to Myles Munroe, the world is filled with followers, supervisors and Managers but very few leaders.
However, it is possible to train leaders.
It has been proven that leaders can be trained to become top strategists who will be able to envision the future and help to map out strategies on how to get there.
Additionally, leaders can be trained to manage for success through people, policies, programmes and principles.
The Centre LSD Leadership School is set up to train leaders by attempting to unravel the complexity of leadership and offering a framework that will help people to become great leaders.
The school focuses on both leader development (expanding the capacity of individuals for effective leadership roles and processes) and leadership development (expansion of organisations’ capacity to enact basic leadership tasks including setting direction, creating alignment and maintaining commitment).
At the end, we hope to produce leaders who will know how to mobilize others to get extra-ordinary things done in organisations and nations. They should now be able to transform values into actions; visions into realities; obstacles into innovations; separateness into solidarity and risks into rewards.
The school is meant for people who are motivated to become leaders and want tools to become dynamic, strategic and visionary leaders that will transform organisations and nations.
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