KSED #801 Needs Assessment Survey
As part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), each school district or special education joint agreement is required to conduct an annual survey to prioritize the needs of students with disabilities.

Our objectives in this survey are to determine both the service needs of the children with disabilities in the districts and the professional development needs of educators who work with these children.

IDEA provides that needs may be assessed by sampling views of parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and board members. We earnestly request that you give us your input regarding the educational needs of our children with disabilities so that the best possible services can be provided.

Every response is vital. Thank you for your assistance.

All completed surveys should be submitted no later than Friday, May 3, 2019.

Please select your job type. *
Select the school district in which you work or the school district your child attends. *
UNSERVED - If you are not aware of any children with disabilities in your area that have been completely overlooked, select None and move to next section.
Preschool 3-5 yrs
Primary K-5
Jr High 6-8
Sr. High 9-12+
None that I am aware of are being unserved.
Intellectual Disability
Specific Learning Disability
Orthopedic Impairment
Multiple Disabilities
Emotional Disability
Developmental Delay
Other Health Impairment
UNDERSERVED - If you feel none of these areas need additional emphasis, select NONE and move to next section.
No Additional Emphasis in this area
Little emphasis needed
High emphasis needed
None of the areas need additional emphasis
Speech-Language Pathology
Program/Staff Supervision
Occupational Therapy
Social Work Services
Behavior Mangagement
Instructional Services
Mark below the following grouping of disability areas which you think require additional services. *
Professional Development - Please rate the emphasis needed in each area. If you feel none of the areas need emphasis, select NONE and move to next section.
No Additional emphasis
Little emphasis needed
High emphasis needed
NONE of these areas need additional emphasis
Accommodations & Modifications on IEP
Curriculum Development
Section 504
Referral Process
Mental Health/Illness
Attention Deficit (ADHD)
Behavior Management
Embrace IEP
Transition Services
Writing Measurable IEP goals & present level of performance
Differentiated Instruction
Scientifically Based Interventions
Applied Behavior Analysis
Processing Problems/Executive Functions
None of the Above
What professional development opportunities provided by KSED have you utilized or attended this year? *
Are there any areas of training that are needed to support your district? (Please list any topic you would like to see KSED provide training)
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Please provide any additional comments about KSED's programs and services during the current school year.
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