Museum of Natural and Cultural History at UofO (Eugene) - March 4
Day: Monday, March 4
Time: 1:00 to 3:45 (or 10:45 to 3:45 if you would like to also take a walking tour of the University and stop at the Architecture, Art & Design, and Biology buildings in the morning)
Location: University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History - 1680 E 15th Ave, Eugene, OR
Ages: K-8 (we will divide into a K-3 group and a 4-8th grade group for the museum workshops)
A parent / guardian must accompany their children (or sign a permission slip to allow another parent or guardian to accompany their children). We can help arrange carpooling if needed.
Siblings Allowed? Yes, younger siblings are welcome (supervised by a parent / guardian, of course)

As part of our Architecture, Biomes, Ancient Civilizations and Weather and the Environment classes, we have organized two Museum Programs at the University of Oregon's Museum of Natural and Cultural History: Fun with Fossils for K-3rd grades 1:00-2:00pm and Designing for Disasters (Architecture) for 4th-8th grades 2:15-3:45pm

Parents with children in both age groups can stick with their younger child(ren) while their older child(ren) are supervised by DCS staff. During the time that each group is in their workshop, the students in the other group will be touring the museum and doing a museum scavenger hunt to learn about archeology, Oregon history, dinosaurs, and the forces that change the Oregon landscape and ecosystems.

Parents with students interested in biology, art, architecture and design are welcome to join us for a walking tour / visit of the Architecture, Art and Design and Biology buildings at University of Oregon. We will meet in front of the Natural History Museum at 10:45 and walk to the Architecture building (about a 15 minute walk) and then next door to the Arts and Design department, stop by the Biology building if we have time, stop for lunch, and then be back at the museum before 1:00, in time to start the K-3 workshop.

Each DCS student who signs up will automatically have $10 withdrawn from their $300 Classes and Field Trips Allotment Fund.

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