Coyle BAND Preliminary Instrument Selection
Future Coyle Band Members and Family Members,

Thank you for your patience as we try to find new and inventive ways to place our future band students on
instruments. Everything we have ever done in the past simply won't work right now, so we are trying our very
best to gather all of the information we can about every incoming student.

At the end of this survey, there is a 11-minute video that demonstrates all of the instruments we offer in the
Coyle Band. We are asking that you please watch the entire video with your child before you start selecting
your top 4 instrument choices.

Please remember that EVERY instrument is necessary for the band. Very much like any sports team, we need
each position filled in order to have a complete team. They will be tested on their first choice first. If the
student has a hard time on that, we will try him/her on their second choice, and so forth, until we find the
appropriate instrument for your child.

Please know that all of the information we collect in this survey will be kept private and confidential. Our only
goal is to find out as much we can so we can find the perfect instrument for your child!
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