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This registration is for PETS only. If you plan to attend the Leadership Dinner and Assembly, you'll need to register here:

Our PETS/Assembly Program for 2017-18 will be held in two locations, Northern (Salt Lake City) and Southern (St George).You have a choice of which location and date to attend. Register here:

The Southern PETS/Assembly will be held on February 24 and 25 at Bloomington Country Club, 3174 S Bloomington Dr E, St George, UT 84790.

The Northern PETS/Assembly will be held on March 10/11 at Miller Conference Center, 9750 South 300 West, Sandy Utah.

Each PETS and Assembly will be held over one weekend instead of on 2 different dates. The PETS program held on Friday will be a lively day focusing on the fundamentals that every PE and PEN needs to understand to have a successful year. We are putting an emphasis on a good mix of presentation and discussion. You will have the opportunity to learn from District Leaders with years of Rotary experience AND from your fellow PEs and PENs in the District.

The District Assembly will be held on Saturday and will focus on more in depth sessions designed with officers and committee chairmen in mind. The Assembly will also provide the opportunity for the PEs and PENs to fill in their learning on areas not covered in the Friday PETs program.

PETs training and District Assemblies will be closely coordinated to provide the opportunity for Presidents Elect and their incoming club officers and chairs to prepare for a great year without unnecessary repetition. It is important that PE’s and PEN’s plan to attend both days and that you strongly encourage your officers and committee chairs to attend Assembly.

We will start registration for Assembly separately in January. You should use the time between now and then to organize your board and committee chairs, and your President Elect Nominee.

Your partner is welcome to attend, but we do not plan to have a "partner track" or special training for them.


Friday PETS: 10:00-5:00 (PEs, PENs, AGs)
Dinner 6:00-8:00 (PEs, PENs, AGs, and incoming Club Officers and Chairs)
Saturday Assembly: 8:00-4:00 (Incoming Club Officers and Chairs, PEs, PENs, and AGs

Friday: The PETs Program will focus on giving PEs and PENs the knowledge and understanding of the President’s role needed to lead a great year in 2017-18.

Friday evening we will bring together PEs, PENs, club officers and chairs for a dinner of fellowship and conversation about the opportunities of the coming year.

Saturday District Assembly will include detailed training of Club officers and Chairs to prepare them to take a lead in their respective areas. Lively, interactive sessions will give Presidents Elect and their leaders the opportunity to learn and plan together in preparation for a great year.

Finally, the cost to attend PETS will be $175. This is customarily paid by the Club. Please bring a check with you to PETS when you come. There will be no charge for you or your leaders to attend Assembly.

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