Pledge to Resist Cricket Valley Fracked Gas Power Plant in New York

The Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVEC) is a 1,100 megawatt plant under construction in Dover Plains, New York. It will receive out-of-state fracked gas through the Iroquois Gas Transmission System, a pipeline project co-owned by TransCanada and the Virginia-based fossil fuel powerhouse Dominion Resources. Advanced Power, a Switzerland-based private energy infrastructure company, will own and operate the plant. The plant is set to begin operations in 2020.

CVEC has generated intense opposition from community members. The project should raise alarm for a number of reasons aside from its destructive impact on the climate. The plant is largely backed by private equity investors, many headquartered outside the U.S., who see it as merely another medium through which to cash in – even if this happens at the expense of surrounding communities and the environment. -

*We recognize that expanding the delivery of fracked gas in any form commits us to a future that not only destroys our health, food sources, and landscape, but threatens sustainable jobs, locking working families into ever escalating home-maintenance expenses that will crush the average budget.


As Governor Cuomo, and our state agencies will not make our health and safety a priority, we pledge to protect the beautiful waterways, farmland, and air in the place that we call home.

We pledge to protect our strong communities.

We pledge to protect the land. We pledge to stand together in opposition to the Cricket Valley Fracked Gas Power Plant , that would increase demand for fracking our neighbors in the shalefields of Pennsylvania as well as impact the land, the water, and the air in our communities for generations to come.

We pledge that we will join others in our communities, and engage in acts of civil disobedience to protect the land, water, and land by directly stopping this proposed pipeline expansion project.

We make this pledge for all who are living today, as well as for all future generations.
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There are MANY roles to fill to create a safe, effective, and peaceful civil disobedience action. MOST of the roles would NOT put you in a potential arrest-risk, and would be a support role to friends who are able/willing to risk arrest. *
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