Volunteer Hours
If you committed to a season-long position such as board member, manager, coach, team parent, or concession stand manager then you will only submit this form once. All other volunteers will need to complete this form each time you volunteer. This is how we will keep track of hours. As a volunteer, it is your responsibility to complete AND submit your hours. By logging how you volunteered your time, will help us gather data on how volunteers are utilized. Please use the same email address you used for registration. Thank you!
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Who volunteered? Add your name. Inlude names of additional family members that also volunteered during the same event. *
Please list the name(s) of your EC player(s). *
Choose your team(s). *
What day did you volunteer? (If you committed to a season-long position, please enter August 1 as your date because you will only submit this form one time.) *
How long did you volunteer? *
If you volunteered more than 2 hours, please let us know how much time you volunteered on this date. Also, let us know if this is a combined number of hours for multiple family members. (This is NOT for season-long positions).
Let us know how you spent your time volunteering on this date. *
If you chose other, please tell us how you spent your time volunteering on this date.
Thank you!
Every person. Every hour volunteered. Every act is seen and unseen. THANK YOU! We could not exist without volunteers, like you!
-ECLL Board
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