I-81 Funding Survey
Interstate I-81 has been over-capacity for far too long, and safety and congestion issues have a huge impact on people and businesses in the area.
Major interstate improvement projects in Virginia are funded primarily by tolls and regional taxes which are dedicated to transportation improvements. New local and regional funding sources in the I-81 corridor would help our region secure federal grants, compete for state funds, and be able to issue bonds - allowing us to build significant improvements sooner.
Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads use significant local and regional taxes and tolls to provide regional funding for I-81 corridor improvements. Are you willing to pay additional tolls, taxes, or both, to improve Interstate 81? *
Which, if any, of the following funding options, used in other parts of Virginia, do you prefer? These revenues would be controlled locally or regionally, limited to improvements in our region. More details can be found starting at page 13 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nf-6KRFthnscKhTCzm-OC_JRWs6EXcPt/view *
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