Petition / volunteer for protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements on Shoal Creek Blvd
Join our movement to make 5 miles of Shoal Creek Blvd an incredible, safe bicycle and walking route for all ages!
Shoal Creek Boulevard (SCB) is one of Austin's most important north-south bicycle and walking routes. But the biking isn't safe: the "bike-parking lane" isn't protected from traffic, forcing people on bikes to regularly pull out into traffic. And people walking are often in danger crossing the street. We deserve better.

In response, Bike Austin and Walk Austin volunteers are campaigning for protected bike lanes and pedestrian improvements along 5 miles of SCB (from 38th St to Hwy 183) that will one day be a beautiful world-class bicycling route.

** Find out how this project connects to The Big Loop, an inspiring proposed 30-mile trail encircling Austin: **

Sign this petition and help make this happen!

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