Hope Center Uganda Internship Application

Hope Center Uganda provides a safe space and educational programs in creative arts, technology and economics and women's empowerment in Gulu, Uganda. We are looking for motivated, entrepreneurial individuals to intern with us in Gulu, Uganda this summer! Read more about our programs online at hopegulu.org, and be sure to check out our blog to hear about past interns' experiences.

This year, we are looking for interns to specialize in the following areas:

- Computer Training Program
(Ex: Coding camps, basic computer literacy, Adobe suite, Microsoft suite, internet research basics, website creation, Wordpress, social media trainings)

- Arts X Tech Fusion
(Ex: Basic music production, DJing, graphic design, videography and photography)

- Arts Program
(Ex: Visual arts, music, and dance for younger kids, practical vocational skills like bead-making, jewelry, sewing and fashion design for older youth)

- Economic Empowerment Program (Uplift)
(Ex: Entreprenuership, business development, personal finance, and money management training)

- Women's Health & Empowerment Program (Girl Power Gulu)
(Ex: gender equality, self-love, reproductive health, menstrual health and hygiene trainings, safety and self-defense)

* Develop your own class, workshop or project
....One thing we are particularly excited about is letting our interns each develop a short curriculum on a topic or issue of their choice that they can teach to one or more of our three classes of HCU students (Grades 2-4, 4-6, 6-8). Our international team will assist you in developing the curriculum and fundraising for any materials, and you will have the help of our local team as well as the other interns to teach the classes. We are happy to work with you along the way, and you don't need to have your finalized idea on this application, but we encourage you to think about something you think is valuable to teach.

Accommodation and Security Info: The minimum length of an internship is 4 weeks, but we encourage longer stays. You will be staying with our host mom/country director, Kevin Okumu, and three other interns in a modern, comfortable house, in a secure compound outside of Gulu city center, with running water, electricity, mosquito nets, etc. Gulu itself is a very safe town and you'll find everyone to be super friendly and welcoming.

The cost of the program is $1,200 for one month: this includes all groceries, transport to/from the airport, and transport around town. We charge this fee to cover the cost of renting the apartment and private transportation to and from the airport, plus hospitality allowances for our staff who will be looking after you.

If you need help covering these costs, please reach out and we will do our best to connect you with scholarship options!

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We are offering a unique opportunity for interns to design a short curriculum that they can teach to HCU students on a topic of your choosing (ex. arts, tech, literacy, public health, gender equality, money management, etc.) We are happy to help you develop your ideas into classes and you will have the help of other interns and our program's teacher to teach the material to our kids. Please outline your ideas for a program and how you will fundraise to provide any necessary materials. This can be as vague or as concrete as you'd like, we just want to get an idea of what you can bring to the table! *
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When are you available next summer? Our minimum internship length is one month, but we are flexible and encourage longer stays for maximum impact. *
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