8 Precepts Retreat (Absence Update)
Thank you for signing up for the 8 Precepts Retreat (http://bit.do/8P191) on 19th Jan 2019.

You have signed up and paid for the above mentioned event but am not able to turn up on that day.

We would like to collate your feedback on the reason for absence.

1. A gentle reminder that it is precious to have an opportunity to undertake the 8 Precepts.

2. It is important for us to bring to your awareness that while one missed the practice, there are many on waiting list whom are not able to join due to maximum registration limit (space constraint).

3. As such, general absentees will exhaust another person's keen opportunity to practice.

4. Logistics such as lunch indented will also be wasted.

From Y2017, to ensure optimal use of the Monastery's resources, a Registration Control has been set in place for selected events such as the 8 Precepts Retreat. For repeated absentees whom do not provide a valid reason and inform us in advance, the Organizer reserves the right to restrict their future registration.

We seek your kind understanding. Thank you.

感谢您报名2019年1月19日在光明山普觉禅寺举办的八关斋戒 (http://bit.do/8P191) 。



温馨提醒 1: 能够参与八关斋戒是非常难得和殊胜的机会。

温馨提醒 2: 由于报名数目有限(场地限制),许多有兴趣的公众只能排在等待名单上,无法参与此共修。

温馨提醒 3: 成功报名却无法出席者难免消耗了等待名单上及其他公众修行的机会。

温馨提醒 4: 后勤方面例如预订的午餐也因没人领取而导致浪费。



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