What do birds mean to you?

Aim of the survey

This is a survey for anyone interested in birds or who feels a connection with birds. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have, I'm just keen to know why you feel a connection. So please share any stories that illustrate your connection with favourite bird species. And if you know of any local names for birds, that would be a bonus!

My name is Gen Broad and I’ve been a member of Suffolk Naturalists’ Society since 2007. I have strong roots in Suffolk, having lived here (and in Norfolk) on and off all my life, apart from interludes in the Philippines, USA and Africa.

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How will your information be used?

I’ll contribute the results of the survey to the Ethno-Ornithology World Atlas (EWA), a project run by Oxford University and Birdlife International. The EWA promotes bird conservation by inviting people across the world to share their knowledge, language traditions, and understandings of birds. 

Examples of Suffolk bird names include mollyhawk for Northern Gannet, harnsey for Grey Heron and stone-runner for Little Ringed Plover. I’ll also be researching Suffolk names for birds in the county archives.

The survey results will highlight our rich cultural and spiritual heritage in relation to birds and will form the basis for magazine and journal articles. 

About the survey

* 5-10 minutes to complete

* I won’t be collecting any personal data, but would appreciate a few details about your age group and geographical location in order for the data to be broadly analysed.

* Please complete the Google form and submit.

* Or if you’d prefer to talk to me direct, I’d be happy to visit or phone you, please let me know.

* If you’d prefer to use a paper version, I’ll send you the form and a stamped addressed envelope. Just let me know.

1. What's your favourite bird?
2. Please explain why this is your favourite bird

3. Do you know of any local Suffolk names for birds? Or from any other counties?

(Perhaps ask older family members or neighbours)

(Please give the English or scientific name as well)

4. Please tell us any of your favourite stories about birds.

These could be from childhood or a holiday, an exciting find or any encounters with birds that stand out for you. (They don’t have to be local birds!)

5. A little bit about you - postcode
6. A little bit about you - age group
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7. A little bit about you - do you live in Suffolk?
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8. A little bit about you - if you live elsewhere, please say in which county or country you live 
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