Musicians, presenters, venues, studios and others: Tell Us About Your Fundraisers and Survival Strategies
We want to collect tips from the jazz community about about what they're doing at this challenging time, so we can support and promote them across the city and give information to funders and foundations. We'll be listing all initiatives on our website and highlighting initiatives on an ongoing basis.
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What tactics, events, programs or fundraisers are you using to survive or thrive during the pandemic? Please write this section as though you were pitching to a potential donor/subscriber/audience member what your offering is, and why it's important to your survival. *
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Is there a quote you'd like us to use for potential spotlights on our website? We'll need to know who the quote is from. You can also give us quotes from multiple people as long as you're clear who they're from.
Is there anything else we should know? Anything else that you want the community to know? Please feel free to tell us anything that will help us help you. Please know we're also working on many other support and advocacy programs behind the scenes and starting to organize for Jazz Appreciation Month. We'll also be launching a new website in March to highlight our resilient community. You can also just send us a hello message.... We're all feeling a little disconnected right now and we miss seeing all of you in person.
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