Resource Person Evaluation Form
ICA Training for Region XII social workers
Atty. Fina Bernadette Dela Cuesta Tantuico
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1. Please rate the degree to which the following objectives of this lecture were met
Upon completion of this session, I will be able to:
Conceptualize cases from the point of view of an adoption social worker *
Understand a range of techniques that could be applied in each situation *
2. For questions below:
I acquired new skills or knowledge in relation to topic *
The teaching format/length was suitable to content *
The teaching level was appropriate to audience *
3. Resource Person for this session:
Expressed ideas clearly *
Presented useful examples *
Thoroughness of content *
Speaking/teaching ability *
Effectiveness of audiovisual aids *
Responsive to questions *
4. Suggestions as well as comments on how this lecture could be improved to better suit your training needs are always welcomed.
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