MY World 360º Story Idea Pitch Form
Recognizing the experiential storytelling potential of immersive technologies, Digital Promise Global, the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, and Oculus are inviting youth worldwide to create 360° media as a way to share their perspectives and advance positive action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [].

As part of the MY World 360º [] , Digital Promise Global has a limited number of production kits to support schools and youth organizations to create 360º media. Exact equipment and/or software may vary depending on need and availability, but this kit generally includes a 360º camera, a VR headset, and if needed, a license for editing software. Educators working with young people (ages 5-24) to create media that relates to the goals of MY World 360º and who lack access to 360º production equipment are invited to share their students’ story ideas below.

Before submitting an idea please review the MY World 360º Program Guide for information about 360º media production and MY World 360º.

Interested teams are encouraged to submit their story ideas below by 25 January 2019 for the strongest consideration possible. We will work to accommodate as many sites as possible with a production kit as supplies last. Please note that we are not able to provide equipment to all sites who submit a story idea, but will provide free online resources and tools to all who submit a story idea.

MY World 360° media can be submitted until 1 April 2019 for an opportunity to be presented at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development 2-4 May 2019 in Bonn, Germany.

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Story Idea
Sites are welcome to submit multiple final projects to MY World 360º, but we ask that you pick one to describe in detail below. If you are planning multiple projects, please include short details about them in the “Additional projects” field.

MY World 360º is about youth making an impact using media. How can we use 360° media to empower and inspire people across the world to take action to make a positive change for people and the planet? How are the SDGs important for me and the people around me?

Start by exploring the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are relevant to you and your community. MY World can be used as a tool to start the conversation and ask yourself and the people around you what stories need to be told. Check out the MY World 360º Program Guide for ideas on how to use the MY World survey to come up with ideas.
Who or what would your team’s 360º story be about? *
What would the audience learn and experience in this 360º story? *
Optional video: In one minute or less, teams are invited to record themselves describing their story idea. (post link below to a file sharing site such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or WeTransfer)
Relevance to the SDGs
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to tackle the world’s most urgent and important challenges by the year 2030. They apply equally to all countries and especially focus on not leaving anyone behind.
Which SDG(s) does your story relate to? Please choose 1-3 that are most related. *
How does your team’s story relate to the goal(s)? *
Why is this story or issue important to the team? *
Use of 360º Production Equipment and Existing Resources
360° media is a format that captures in every direction at once — up, down, and all around. From a production perspective, 360° media brings up all kinds of new challenges and opportunities.
Why does your team want to use 360º to share this story? How is the 360º format uniquely suited to the story they want to tell? *
MY World 360º aims to cultivate diverse youth voices and provide media production opportunities to currently underserved youth. Please describe how, if at all, your project and the youth it would involve will further this goal. *
How many youth will have access to the production kit? *
Will your community (additional youth, educators, parents) benefit from the experience? If so, please describe. *
What existing resources can you use to ensure the success of your project? *
What hardware and software do you currently have access to? *
In limited cases, we may provide more than one production kit to educators who are able to share their equipment with multiple schools and youth organizations in their region. If this applies to you, please describe how additional schools or youth organizations will benefit and list the names of these additional sites.
Do you anticipate any challenges for your students in creating their 360º story? Please describe. *
Additional projects? If you are planning multiple 360º stories, please provide brief descriptions.
MY World 360º has two 2019 submission deadlines: April 1 and August 15? Will you be able to submit your MY World 360º project by one of these two dates? Yes/No *
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