Application for PFAW's slate to stop police violence
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Please explain what role the issue of ending police violence played in motivating you to run for office. *
Do you have a personal story or experience that relates to your motivation or passion on the issue of ending police violence? If yes, please explain. If no, please explain why this issue is important to you. *
How have your background and qualifications best prepared you to lead on the issue of ending police violence? *
Are you willing to speak to press? *
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Policing Reform: Removing Problematic Officers
1. Do you support oversight boards that allow for civilian oversight to review misconduct and recommend removal/discipline? *
Additional Comments:
2. Do you support making the disciplinary records of officers transparent to the public? *
Additional Comments:
3. Do you support initiatives that would empower police chiefs to take stronger disciplinary actions against officers? *
Additional Comments:
4. Do you support requiring jurisdictions (city, county, state) to opt into a national database of problematic officers? *
Additional Comments:
Policing Reform: Recruiting Good Officers
5. Do you support psychological screenings for police officers as a part of the hiring process and ongoing screenings for all officers? *
Additional Comments:
6. Do you support requiring cultural competency and de-escalation trainings? *
Additional Comments:
7. Do you support recruitment incentives for police officers? If so, briefly describe some of your ideas. *
Additional Comments:
Policing Reform: Reallocation of Budgets
8. Do you support use of other mechanisms to respond to non-emergency calls? *
Additional Comments:
9. Do you support the removal of police officers from schools and replacing them with appropriately trained counselors and social workers? *
Additional Comments:
10. Do you support increasing resources for trained violence interrupters, mental health response teams, and trained community social workers/community crisis response teams that target homeless and other vulnerable populations? *
Additional Comments:
11. Do you support policies and practices that limit excessive and unnecessary police contact? *
Additional Comments:
Policing Reform: Other
12. Do you support ending qualified immunity for police officers? *
Additional Comments:
13. Do you reject donations from police unions? If no, please explain how you maintain your independence and ensure accountability. *
Additional Comments:
14. Do you support ending no-knock police warrants? *
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