Christian County Library Interlibrary Loan Request Form
Use this form if you'd like Christian County Library's InterLibrary Loan staff to locate at another library and attempt to borrow an item not available through the library's online catalog, or through the online consortium catalogs like MOBIUS and Prospector. Have a question or need help filling out this form? Call the Nixa Branch Library at (417)724-6100 and ask to speak to the InterLibrary Loan Department.

InterLibrary Loan Rules

1. Each patron may make up to five InterLibrary Loan requests each calendar month. Requests made beyond five cannot be saved by staff, and those items will need to be re-requested in the following month. (Contact the InterLibrary Loan Department if you're not sure how many requests you've made.)

2. Staff will make every attempt to locate and attempt to borrow items requested, but occasionally items are not available to borrow or other libraries may be unwilling to lend them. Library patrons will be notified at the contact number or e-mail address provided here if the item requested cannot be borrowed.

3. Patrons are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged Interlibrary Loan items. Owning libraries make the decision whether and how much to charge for such items.

4. It can take between two weeks and as long as two months to receive an InterLibrary Loan item, depending on availability and transit methods.

Please provide the following information to place an InterLIbrary Loan request:

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