Help make FSA the best it can be!
Dear friend of the FSA --

First, thanks for wanting to help! In our work to make an alternative, tuition-free educational space for architecture, any bit of help is very useful.

We are in the process of setting up a fiscal sponsor. The technicalities aren't important to you (and believe us it is very technical) - but what is important is that future donations will be tax deductible! For non-monetary donations, the market rate value of the goods donated will be eligible for a tax write off. As soon as the set up is complete, we will be getting back in touch with you.

Right now, the FSA is the result of love, passion, lots of hard work and our community coming together in whatever way it can. We appreciate any way that you can help us in making this summer possible (big or small).

If you have a resource, a connection to one, or even just an idea of someone for us to contact - we'd love to hear it.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

With gratitude,
the FSA team <3

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We are interested in outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, conference rooms, or your backyard. We want to have interesting conversations in interesting places all over LA. Have a space you can offer for a night? Know of a good contact for us to speak with? Or maybe you just know of a great free place with picnic tables and AC - let us know :)
Are you connected to a space which can host classes / workshops / discussions from anywhere between a couple hours to 6-weeks?
Are you connected to a space that can host events (lectures, exhibitions, happy hours)?
Tell us more about any spaces you are connected with in LA that might be interested in working with FSA.
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As we all know, housing in LA is one of the most difficult parts of a beautiful city. We want to work to make attending the Free School of Architecture as accessible as possible. If you or anyone you know might be able to help in this area, even for a night, let us know.
Do you have a studio, rental unit, apartment, house, or AirBnB that could host a participant for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks this summer?
Do you work in hospitality or have a connection to hotels that could discount or donate rooms?
Tell us more about any housing assistance you might be able to provide.
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LAW + $$
Navigating the non-profit world of California can be a daunting task. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Are you or do you know a lawyer who can offer advice, counsel, or pro bono work?
Are you or do you know an accountant who can offer advice, pro bono, or discounted work?
Tell us more about any assistance you can give us in the area of law and money.
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Are you connected to a foundation that might be interested in sponsoring the FSA?
Are you connected to an institution that might be interested in sponsoring an event? (cafe, bar, gallery, etc.)
Are you connected to a food or drink brand that can sponsor an event?
Tell us about any other sponsorship opportunities you might be able to connect us with.
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Would you like to volunteer your time during the summer program?
If yes, please describe your interests and availability.
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We deeply appreciate the time you took to fill this out and help us fulfill our vision. If you mentioned a potential connection, we will be in touch soon!
Any other ways you can support the FSA?
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