Pharma Leaders Business Woman of the year 2016
Healthcare in recent times has gone for a big makeover & believe it or not, pharma Leaders in its research report indicate that women’s participation in healthcare has been spectacular especially in the senior management. Today, Women Healthcare Leaders are far more powerful, influential & innovative. In the context of Indian healthcare space, by 2020, of every 20 CEO’s in the country of new enterprises emerging, half of them will be Women. Pharma Leaders 2016 Jury are looking at a dynamic & innovative women leader who will be crowned as Women Business Leader 2016 at the historic 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards in Mumbai on 23rd December. The final six names in the list include the top performers in their respective fields & like every year, Pharma Leader does not go by name, fame & wealth but purely by performance & credible track record. Here are the top six names that is thrown upon for public voting. Vote Now!
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