2019 HIS Summer School Application
Summer School 2019 at Hokkaido International School (HIS) is open to students from the HIS community, those who will be joining the HIS community from September, and others ready to learn in an English medium, international setting.

The enrollment / payment deadline for Summer School is: June 1st, 2019

We believe that children's social, physical and academic development go hand in hand. To support their development, our summer school program provides outdoor learning (field trips) along with making sure their time with us is full of fun and educational.

***We believe having a good communication with the parents is key to supporting children's learning, so we require that at least one of the parents can communicate with our teachers in English.

There are four sections of Summer School 2019 - Early Years (preschool and kindergarten), Elementary (lower and upper elementary) , and Secondary (junior and senior high school). Please see below for an outline of each section's curriculum:


*EARLY YEARS (Years 3 - Pre kindergarten) : Year of birth May 2016 to July 2013

You might have noticed young children engaged in pretend play as they let their imagination run wild. Pretend play may seem like a simple task, however it requires a lot of understanding and skills. Through pretend play, children learn new ideas, pick up new vocabulary, interact with others, solve problems as well as build confidence. The best part is, it is super fun! Under this unit, the children will be making puppets, engaging themselves in plays, making music, and listening and telling stories.

*Attention Early Years applicants: Early Years children requires a certain amount of time to get settled in to the new environment. For that reason, we require a minimum of 2 weeks enrollment for this group.


LOWER ELEMENTARY* (Kindergarten - Grade 2) : Year of birth June 2013 to July 2010

Fun with Sports and Games

We play to learn. We play to have fun. However, play can also make other aspects of our lives better. It can help us build a solid foundation of mathematical thinking and great communication skills. In this unit, the students are going to learn about basic concepts of numbers through games, enhance their interpersonal relationships and create a positive growth mindset. All of these could be accomplished through play and games. They will also get creative by inventing their own sport or game. We hope that by the end of Summer School, the elementary students will realize the importance of PLAY and that they will continue to lead a "playful" life.

* Attention Kindergarten applicants: kindergarteners require a certain amount of time to get settled in to the new environment. For that reason, we require a minimum of 2 weeks enrollment for this group.


UPPER ELEMENTARY* (Grades 3 - 6) : Year of birth June 2010 to June 2006

Fun with Sports and Games

Let’s learn about the world! Do you know how people dress in other countries? Do you know what animals you can see in other countries? Why are countries shaped the way they are? In this unit, students will explore human and physical geography from around the world. In addition to learning geography through games and fun projects, students will learn about important historical events and the people involved. By the end of the summer, students will have a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it.

* Elementary enrollment is limited so sign up now!


SECONDARY (Grade 7-12)

Learning Through Projects

People often learn best when that learning is about things they find interesting. In this year's secondary summer school program, students will explore the core subjects through projects of their choice, integrating the social sciences, science, math, and personal creativity. These projects could involve sports, music, literature -- anything!

Students will work on two projects over the course of the summer, one individual project and one project in a group with two or three other students who are close in age. They will work closely with Mr. Aseltine to ensure that the projects lead to learning across the subject areas.

In addition to the project work in the morning, students will work in the afternoon on reading, writing, or math work that they and their parents decide on—high school students may request SAT-specific preparation during this time. The gym will also be made available for students to use responsibly for 1–1.5 hours each day, where they can play basketball, volleyball, or badminton.

Additionally, one field trip excursion will be planned for each week of summer school. Past trips have included the Sapporo Art Park, the Hokkaido museum, and the Hokkaido Historical Village.

Students will be expected to attend from 9:00–15:00 each day; however parents may opt in to a morning only program (there is no discount for this). A typical day may look like this

[Elementary / Early Year]
8:45: Doors Open
9:00: Class Starts
10:30 - 11:00: Recess
11:00 - 12:00: Class
12:00-12:30: Lunch
12:30-13:00: Recess
13:00-14:30: Class
14:30-15:00: Outside Activity
15:00: Pick Up

9:00–9:15: Morning Activity or Game
9:15–10:30: Individual Project Time
10:30–10:40: Break
10:40–11:20: Whole Class Activity (e.g. Art, Science, Problem Solving)
11:20–12:00: Group Project Time
12:00–12:45: Lunch
12:45–15:00: Afternoon time to work on academic skills, SAT prep, or projects
12:45–14:15: Gym open
15:00: Dismissal

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