CYT Wichita Teen Assistant Application
If you are interested in being a Teen Assistant for CYT Wichita in the areas of Enrollment Shows, Classes and/or Summer Camps please fill out this application and submit. Once applications have been reviewed applicants will be notified if they have been selected.

Qualifications to be a Teen Assistant:
-14 years or older
-Been involved with CYT Wichita for at least one session of classes/camps

What do Teen Assistants do?:
-Help facilitate class with the instructor
-Learn scripts, lines, songs and be able to help students when asked to do so by instructor
-Help set-up and tear down classroom
-Know procedures of class and be willing to help a substitute teacher if needed
-Help with behavior needs in the classroom as designated by instructor
-Take students to class after opening and after snack break
-Help facilitate student leave time

CYT Wichita Teen Assistants are not paid. Participants will receive training and will be expected to uphold the duties, guidelines, rules, and regulations outlined in their contract.

CYT Teen Assistant positions are available in the following disciplines:

Applicants are eligible to apply for Teen Assistant positions in three areas of CYT:
-Enrollment Shows (Tuesday Nights)
-Classes (Thursday Nights)
-Summer Camps (Camps for ages 5-12 only)

Advantages of being a Teen Assistant with CYT Wichita:
-Valuable leadership experience and training
-Direct mentorship from CYT Directors/Teachers
-Opportunities to help younger CYT students to grow and learn
-Opportunities to mentor younger students
-Fun days filled with tons of learning, excitement, and loving on amazing kids!

If you have any additional questions please contact the CYT Wichita Classes Coordinator, Caroline Whiteside
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