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Networking Night Information
What is Networking Night?

Attendees from all Baton Rouge User Groups (SQL Server, .NET, Power BI, IT Pro, SharePoint, and Women in Technology groups will be invited!)

o Short-format entertaining presentations on career topics, technical or nontechnical,
o In 2014 and 2015 and 2016, 80+ IT professionals including many newcomers attended this fun event!
Networking Night time slots are to be no longer than 7-10 minutes and can including the following topics:
Networking Night time slots are to be no longer than 7-10 minutes and can including the following topics:

-Technical Career talks (Example: What does a .NET Developer need to know?)
-Emerging Technology talks (Example: What's new and interesting in Azure? In IoT? In cloud technology?)
-Technical Domain topics (Example: What are the different career specializations inside SQL Server or SharePoint?)
-Recruiting Pitches (Example: Come work for my Company XYZ, it is awesome!)
-Career Guidance (Example: Interview tips)
-Continuing Education Topics (Example: Postgraduate degrees, certifications, online training)
-Lessons Learned As a... (Example: In the last 20 years as a developer, I've learned that you should never...)
-Humorous Technology/Job Related Anecdotes and Stories...
-Our corporate culture is so cool that...
-Here's what you need to ace an interview at...

A Timeslot at Networking Night is part of the SQLSat Gold+ sponsorship level!
Please visit www.SQLSaturday.com/628/ for more information on how to sponsor SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2017!

Gold-level sponsors for SQL Saturday are eligible to speak at Networking Night.
Please arrive no later than 5:45pm on July 12 at the Louisiana Technology Park. Please visit brssug.org for location information.
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See you at Networking Night and then at SQLSaturday Baton Rouge!

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