CryptoFights Token
CryptoFights 2 Official Release is drawing near!
The first phase of CryptoFights 2 Release, is our Early Release Token game-build.

Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming release. This survey should take about 3 minutes of your time. Your answers will remain anonymous. 
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Early Release Token Benefits
1. Lowest prices ever of CFS Tokens
2. Establish market standard of token for CFS 2 Official Release

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No, not interested.
Yes, very interested.
Game Access for Early Release Token 
Access to the CryptoFights Token will be distributed via Gleam Rewards. 
Anyone can participate. 

Upon completing a specified amount of actions, users will receive an instant redeemable link for our Early Release Token game build. The link will go live on the date specified in the Gleam Rewards.
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What will the CryptoFights token be used for?
With the release of CryptoFights 2, all game functions will require CFS Tokens, similarly to how games require earnable or purchasable currencies to unlock features. 

You can learn more about our token uses by viewing our whitepaper.
What are your thoughts on CryptoFights Token Uses?
What about players who do not participate in Early Release Token Access?
Upon the release of CFS 2, players will have two options to acquire tokens:

1. Purchase CFS Tokens in the Marketplace, primarily sold by Early Release Token Users.
2. Play and earn rewards to dismantle for materials, then sell them in the Marketplace for their CFS Token value.

Early Release Users will purchase the tokens at the lowest prices. Users with reasonable prices will sell the most tokens. 
Early Release Token Participants can sell their Tokens to new users! With the details listed above, this system is *
Not a fair system
Yes, is a fair system
To ensure CryptoFights remains play-and-earn, players can earn tokens simply by playing.

Players can take the slower route, by beating bosses to unlock rewards, dismantle rewards for materials and sell those materials in the marketplace. This process is similar to games that unlock items for free as you play. The difference is, we have a Marketplace that allows users to sell those items for CFS Tokens, which has real-world value! 

We ensure CryptoFights will remain play-and-earn. With the details listed above, this system is  *
Not reasonable at all.
Normal, totally reasonable.
Common Concerns
  • Project Volatility: CryptoFights game has been an active blockchain game since 2018, under the same ownership and leadership. We have never had a breach of security, thanks to our infrastructure and operating on the BitcoinSV blockchain. View our timeline on our website.
  • Limitations: The initial circulating supply of CFS tokens is limited and public token sale is limited. 
  • Utility Rewards: Players can accumulate more tokens through Portal Charging.
    Learn how it works in-game, how it rewards players, and how it regulates inflation, viewable here
  • Token Distribution: To protect users and investors, we have a strict supply allocation by category, viewable here.
  • Inflation: In-game actions that require CFS Tokens are paid towards CryptoFights Treasury. Treasury is used to store and dispense rewards. Read about the Treasury, here and in-game actions here.
  • Tokenomics: CFS Token is required for, but not limited to, the following functions: NFT Marketplace, Creating Fighters, Item Crafting, PvP & PvE, Fighter Respect, NFT Marketplace, Arena Staking, NFT Cosmetic Packs, Collaborations and any future games and platform services.
  • Growth: CryptoFights creator, FYX Gaming, highly values security and functionality. Because of this, we currently limit our active users to 1000, at a time, with users cycling in and out throughout the day. This means that users are actually waiting to get into play our game. Our limit will continue to increase as we expand our infrastructure to securely process user data.
With the Common Concern details listed above, when would you prefer to purchase the CryptoFights Token? *
I want to wait for CryptoFights 2 Official Release.
I want to buy during Early Release Access.
Token and Wallet
Just like our NFT's, the CFS Token have value in BSV and will only be usable internally, for now. Users can send BSV to and from CryptoFights game with their preferred digital wallets. The FYX Gaming team is working on wallet integrations sometime in 2023. 

The CFS Token has value in BSV and will only be usable internally, for now.  *
Not reasonable at all.
Normal, just like regular videogames. With the benefit that we can sell for real value.
CFS Token Cost
Most in-game actions will cost less than a few cents. Higher staking for arenas is optional and most value comes from selling tokens, materials, crafted items or Illusions.

If you were to purchase 100 CFS Tokens, how much money would you prefer it cost you?

Example: I would purchase, 100 tokens valued at 25 cents each, which would cost $25 USD.
Tell us something we are missing. Something you want to see in the next survey or blog announcement.
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