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You want to volunteer? Fantastic! Check the calendar for camp dates, but generally it's June 25 - July 6th (weekdays), and July 23 - July 27 (weekdays), with minimum half day shifts. Fill out this form and we'll be contacting you soon to sign up for slots!
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Thanks for wanting to help! Please tell us a little about yourself and how you think you can help: *
Are you a board game player, video game player, something else? Do you have any special skills like art/illustration, fabrication, organization, teaching, game design, etc?
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Do you want to help us document the camp to help replicate it elsewhere? We really need someone who's handy with a camera! *
This probably means coming in 2 - 4 days total, taking some pictures, perhaps doing some interviews, etc.
Do you want to be a mentor to one of the teams? *
This would similar to First Robotics mentoring. It will involve working more in depth with a single group of kids.
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