Troop 45 Rechartering
Please fill out the form for each person who is rechartering, as soon as possible. Payment is due by Dec 3rd. If you cannot afford the payment, please see Dan or Gene.
General Information
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP ON THIS FORM IF YOU PLAN TO RECHARTER WITH TROOP 45 in 2015, regardless of any e-mail, statement or paperwork you may already have turned in.

Cost to recharter for 2015 is $27.50 for each adult. We are not allowed to recharter adults unless their Youth Protection Training is up to date.

The Milesburg American Legion is covering rechartering costs for the Boy Scouts. Troop activity fees (which are separate from the registration) are determined by the boys at the PLC and were set at $25.

Both fees ($27.50 for each adult; $25 activity fee for each youth) are due by the December 3rd Committee Meeting.

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Do you plan to recharter with Troop 45 in the year starting Jan 1, 2015? (Cost is $27.50 for adults. Youth cost is $25 for the activity fees, as set by the PLC.) *
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