Registration for ADVANCED Distance Learning Veterinary Technology Courses

ALL advanced courses REQUIRE an already approved hospital to register. You MUST WORK in an OCCI approved veterinary clinic at least 20 hours a week for the entire semester and all tasks must be completed at that facility under that preceptor. Hours will be verified.
NOTE: Volunteering or interning is not permitted, you MUST be an employee.

Last Day to Register: AUG 21

Students enrolling in advanced courses will not be registered until their grades post in econnect and they have a passing score in all prerequisite levels/courses showing in econnect. If you have failed a course that course must be made up prior to advancing.

Registration is first come first serve only.

Advanced students will be registered once all grades for all students have been posted as registration is first come first serve. Once all student's eligibility has been verified we will email everyone letting them know we will be registering in two business days and then again once they are registered.

Students will be sent a confirmation email letting them know they have been registered and they must pay the same day the confirmation email is received. CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY!

If you need to drop a class, even before class has started you must submit a drop form. We will not process drops by email. You can email to request a drop form.

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