Code Enforcement Complaint Form - New Port Richey

Use this form to report violations of the City's code that you feel are negatively affecting your or your neighborhood's quality of life. If you would like, please indicate that you would like to be contacted about the outcome of the response to this complaint.

Common code enforcement violations:

1. Illegal dumping or illegal storage of garbage or trash.
2. Weeds, grass, or vegetation (other than living trees or vegetation protected by state law) of a height exceeding 12".
3. Parking of commercial vehicles of a height greater than 8' on any property.
4. Yard debris, trash, or other items--including parked vehicles--interfering with the flow of traffic.
5. Parking of vehicles within 15' of a stop sign.
6. Burning of debris or wood in an uncovered container (covered is okay!).
7. Offering of items for sale, or distribution of sales material without a rummage sale permit or handbill permit.
8. Trash in any building that may afford food or shelter for rodents, vermin, or snakes that may be hazardous to public safety.
9. A dilapidated, deteriorated, decaying, hazardous, or abandoned structure or home.
10. Installation of a fence without a permit, or a fence to the front of a property with a height in excess of four feet.
11. A pool with a dilapidated or ineffective fence, no fence, or a fence of a height less than four feet.
12. Any vehicles or boats stored outside that is abandoned, junked, disabled, or without license plate or with an expired license plate.
13. Dangerous, aggressive, or loose animals.
14. Animals disturbing the peace (barking for a period of time longer than 10 minutes within a 60 minute period).1
15. Construction without a permit.

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