UUCM Publicity Requests
Our mission: Exploring faith. Practicing inclusivity. Living justice.
Submission Deadline: Thursday 9am each week for that Friday's eBlast and that Sunday's Order of Service

All submissions should be:
• 150 words or less
• Edited for grammar and spelling
• Ready for publication, without a need for further editing of the content

If you feel like you need more than 150 words to advertise, please contact our Office Administrator, Christie, at christie@uuchurchmuncie.org with your request. We can occasionally find space for larger requests depending on space availability.

NOTE: Unigram submissions should still be sent directly to uucm@uuchurchmuncie.org - please do not submit them using this form.

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All submissions should be: 150 words or less, edited for grammar and spelling, and ready for publication without a need for further editing of the content. ***NOTE*** What you type below will be posted exactly as is, without any editing or updating by staff members.
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Note: announcement requests for the UUCM Public Facebook Page should be for events that are of interest to and inclusive of the larger community beyond UUCM
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Before you hit the "submit" button below - please read this!
We HIGHLY recommend that you also:

• Submit a Pulpit Announcement Request (https://goo.gl/atpkyB) for the Sunday before your event, and, if your event or program is on a Sunday, a second Pulpit Announcement Request for that Sunday.

• Post your announcement yourself to the UUCM Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/UUChurchMuncie/). Anyone who is a member of the page can post themselves. If you're not on Facebook, find a member of your committee or program who is and have them do this.

• Send us a photo to attach if you're requesting a post to the UUCM Public Facebook page - people are much more likely to look at posts with photos. E-mail to christie@uuchurchmuncie.org. Public domain/free-use photos can be found on www.unsplash.com and www.pixabay.com, among other sites.

Most people need to see events and programs advertised in multiple mediums for it to "take." If you don't complete these other steps, you'll likely have less people attending your event.

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