Urge Seattle Public Schools to Support the NAACP Ethnic Studies Resolution
We, the undersigned, urge Seattle Public Schools to make ethnic studies a graduation requirement and integrate ethnic studies courses into the required curriculum at all schools in the district for the following reasons

1. Seattle Public Schools is home to some of the worst racial disparities in the country, attracting
a federal investigation by the Department of Education.

2. Research demonstrates that ethnic studies courses – which focus the curricula on groups that
have been poorly served by public education – increase achievement, credits earned, and
attendance for the most marginalized students.

3. Seattle Public Schools has declared its commitment to ending racial disparities, yet the current
curricula and standards in Seattle Public Schools fail to reflect the diverse histories,
experiences, and perspectives of students of color.

4. Ethnic studies courses benefit White students, who disproportionately have the privilege to
ignore the realities of racism.

5. Beyond the classroom, ethnic studies courses are an important step in empowering students
to become active citizens and agents of social justice within our communities.

6. Portland Public Schools and the State of California have mandated ethnic studies for their

7. We are urging Seattle Public Schools to do the same.

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