Felt Trainee Team Application
- joined the program discord https://discord.gg/8rBTyeTj2q and have read the server information
- ideally have some public speaking experience
- at least 12 years old and have not finished their fourth year of college who can dedicate time into the program (most time-invested role other than the executive director)
- fluent and can translate from English to the country's native language and vice versa
- must be fluent/can communicate fully in English

A basic idea of what you will be doing if you are accepted:
- be trained on how to give tutor seminars
- help train new tutors every week
- work with team to have regular sessions every week
- work with the rest of the team and team lead to make training sessions more engaging (though material should be about the same) and keep sessions organized

What we look for:
articulate, dependable, easy to talk to, outspoken, and engaging individuals that can create a comfortable environment and has public speaking/social skills!

Time commitment: 3-5 hours per week
If you pass this first stage of the application, you will be sent an email for an interview. It will last about 10-15 minutes, but don't worry! It won't be super formal.
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Describe your experience in public speaking! (3 sentences) *
As a part of the trainee team you will have to be an encouraging and outgoing. Describe a time when you displayed these characteristics! (3 sentences) *
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