Game Protest
Section 5: Protests

5.1 Only protests concerning rules or interpretation of rules are allowed. As in USAV, judgment calls are not subject to protest.

5.2 If a captain wishes to file a protest he/she must:

Notify the scorekeeper of his/her desire to file a protest
Write "Protest" in the captain signature line of the tally sheet
Provide a written statement of protest with the Vice President of Administration at within 48 hours after the end of the match. The written statement should include the details of what occurred and what rule the captain feels was misinterpreted or misapplied.

5.3 If a protest is filed regarding a match not starting on time, the Protesting Captain must notify the 1st Referee before the match begins and the 1st Referee shall instruct the Scorekeeper to write the start time of the first game down on the score sheet. For protests regarding more than two minutes between games, the Scorekeeper must write the end time of the first game and start time of the second game down on the score sheet.

5.4 The ruling on the protest will be presented within two (2) weeks from the time the protest is filed.

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