How much influence do you have in your company?
I will publish the results on in a month or so.
How many people in your company?
How is your company managed? *
traditionally (Shareholder Value dominates)
radically (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, or Delight-the-Customer philospophies dominate)
How strong is your ability to decide or impact decisions on: *
very weak
very strong
An individual's career
changes to improve customer delight
the relationship between departments
the priority of a project
the contents or features of a product or service
How many levels of management are there above you? *
If are the CEO or equivalent, then 0. If you report to the CEO, then 1, If your manager reports to the CEO, then 2. Etc.
10 or more
How many levels of direct reports are there below you? *
If you have no direct reports, then 0. If your direct reports have no direct reports, then 1, If at least one of your direct reports also has direct reports, then 2, etc.
10 or more
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