New Branches Charter Academy Breakfast and Lunch Survey 2016-2017
Dear Parents:

We need your help and suggestions on how to provide your children the best possible breakfast/lunch program. We want to serve your children good meals that they enjoy, at the lowest possible prices. We also want to help you make sure that your children eat a good lunch every day at school.

You can help us offer the kind of lunch program you want by answering theses questions. Your answers to these questions will help us make the lunch program more useful to you and your children. All your answers will be confidential.

Please take a few minutes with your child(ren) to answer these questions.

What grades are your child(ren) in?
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
Child 5
How many days in the week does your child(ren) eat breakfast in the week from school?
How many days in the week does your child(ren) eat lunch from school?
What type of food does your child(ren) throw away from their meal?
Your answer
What is their favorite breakfast item?
Your answer
What is their favorite lunch item?
Your answer
What different foods would you like to see on the school menu?
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Other changes/suggestions that you have for the Food Service are:
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