Hotline Survey
Pssst! Something BIG is going on right now in Area 43!!

We have some BIG decisions to make about the NHAA Hotline, and to make those decisions we need to hear from YOU!!

A very industrious Ad-Hoc Committee has been working away for several months, investigating our NHAA Area 43 Hotline. (doing a 4th Step on the Hotline, lol)

There are 2 different “options” or models for a Hotline:
1. Software routes the incoming call directly to a Hotline Volunteer.
2. An operator answers incoming calls, texts or calls a Volunteer, and the Volunteer returns a call to the person seeking help.

In NH, we currently use “Option 2”. Our process looks good on paper. An operator answers the phone 24 hours a day. We have (literally!) hundreds of Hotline Volunteers, so it should be easy for the operator to locate a Volunteer who can help the newcomer. In reality, there are times a caller has to wait hours before receiving a call back from a Hotline Volunteer. Each call out from the answering service trying to locate a willing Volunteer increases our monthly bill. Not all Districts have a Hotline Chair. Our information is not always accurate. Some Volunteers have moved away, or changed their phone number, or now live in a different District. Blargh!

An effective Hotline requires up-to-date lists of trained and confident Volunteers. It requires Volunteers willing to take calls at night, and on weekends, and during the day. It does not matter if we hire an answering service or use automated call answer/routing software – there must be a sober alcoholic willing to talk to the caller.

The folks on the Ad-Hoc Committee have devoted many hours to reviewing the current status of the NHAA Hotline and searching out alternatives. But, they need your input in order to finish the job!! If we want the Area 43 Hotline to be effective, we must talk about our willingness to take on the Volunteer roles necessary for it to function. It is time to have an honest conversation about what we, the AA members here in New Hampshire, are – or are not – willing to do to support an AA Hotline.

We have an easy-to-complete, anonymous Survey. Why easy-to-complete? Well, so it’s easy 😊 Why anonymous? This is not a time for recrimination, or excuses, or finger pointing; it is just a time for honesty. We need YOUR input in order to bring forward workable solutions. Once we have that, we can reach an Area-wide conscience on how best to move forward.
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