Oscoin App User Testing
With the whitepaper[1] out and development of the core protocol underway, the team behind oscoin will be holding a series of user tests and feedback sessions to validate our initial prototypes for oscoin's client application.

To kick this off, we're making an open call to developers and maintainers in the open source community and inviting you to participate by testing out these initial prototypes.

For now, this will mean joining us in our Berlin office (or remote via video call) for a series of user testing sessions. A small honorarium will be provided to these participants. If you can't make it for one of these user testing sessions, don't worry! As prototypes become more finalized and usable over time, developers who sign up here will make up the core group of potential users that we will be communicating with to solicit feedback from via other mechanisms as well.

If you're as excited as us about the future of open source and sustainability of OSS as an ecosystem, please fill out this form and get involved!



[1]: http://oscoin.io/oscoin.pdf

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Demographic Questions
For user testing sessions, we want to ensure a diverse and well balanced representation of potential users as we build out the oscoin user experience. As such, we would appreciate your answer to the demographic questions below.
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