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We love to spotlight stick and poke artists world wide! If you'd like to be highlighted or sponsored, please submit information below.  By submitting, you consent to us posting your words and pictures on our website: We will tag you social media/website and we ask that you repost/tag us as well :-)

Our site gets hundreds of hits a day, we are happy to direct traffic to artists who promote safe tattooing and we are most excited to promote artists who belong to a marginalized group or who use their work as a form of activism. (BIPOC, female, QTPOC, trans, formerly incarcerated, low income, etc) some cases we will offer to sponsor you - meaning send you free colors, needles and supplies. I am excited to read about your journey to becoming an handpoke artist!


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If you are chosen for sponsorship with free supplies, where do you want supplies sent? (shipping name and complete address)
which supplies (plz see our site) are you most interested in getting more of from us? {{{some things we have that are harder to get out there is the green stencil, our particular inks, and our unique tools. We may be getting very fancy needles soon too. }}}
What is the thing/phenomenon/person/situation/mode that you are thinking the most about these days?
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