Fall 2020 Northeastern Elementary Rezoning Study: September 10, 2019 Public Information Session Survey
Please take a moment to provide your feedback on FCPS Elementary School Rezoning process. This survey will be active beginning September 10th, 2019, until midnight on September 29th, 2019.

To view the options or to learn more about the process, please visit the FCPS rezoning webpage (www.fcpsvarezoning.com). You can post additional feedback on the rezoning feedback form located on the rezoning page.
What elementary school zone do you live in for the current school year?
What are your thoughts/observations as they relate to Elementary School Committee DRAFT Option? (https://croppermap.com/fcpsva/documents/008_FCPS_VA_Committee_Elementary_Draft_Zones_190904.pdf)
Your answer
What is your overall attitude towards Elementary School Committee DRAFT Option?
If you indicated that you dislike or oppose Elementary School Committee DRAFT Option, what is your primary concern?
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