Volunteering teaching positions for Fun Learning Youth
Even if you're totally unsure of applying, just apply! We'll figure something out.
Expected time commitment: 2 hours per week
Expected time to complete this form: 2.537 minutes on average 

Positions we currently offer:
Teacher, Club Head (offline)
Teacher (online)
Social Media Manager
Research Manager 
+ A position you can create (if it's not the ones stated)

We're a close-knit community. Which means, these positions are open for a limited time until they fill up. If you have what it takes, fill this form and book a meeting now! https://calendly.com/kalashbhaiya/30min 
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In your comfort, in their progress. This is what FLY classes usually look like. It may vary from 3 students to 30 students. "How do you find students?" "What to teach them?" "They're not interested" "How to give them the best?" "Who to find?" We have answers for all your questions. Being a club head, you have responsibility and benefits. Responsibility of teaching those students according to your comfort, and benefits of getting access to our data and programs which include stipends after a while.
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Like social media, webinars, technical coordination for meetings, content creation, UI/UX design, keeping a record, research, etc-etc.
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