Booking cancellations
Please DO NOT USE THIS FORM if you are traveling within the next 24 hours or if you wish to change or amend your booking dates. Please contact us directly via text or call on 0508 108 359 with your order number, name and date of travel.

We aim to process all requests within 48 hours of submission. If you submitted your cancellation requested via this form more than 24 hours prior to your departure and don't hear from us, don't sweat it! We have the time and date your request was submitted and we will get back to you with confirmation of your refund as soon as possible.

Our cancellation policy:
1) Cancellation requests more than 12 hours prior to travel will incur a $5.00 refund fee per person per booking, up to 10% of the total booking value.
2) Cancellation requests less than 12 hours will incur a 50% refund and YOU MUST CALL OR TEXT US with your order number, name, date of travel and a brief reason for your refund.
3) Any cancellations requests within 3 hours of departure will not be processed and are non-refundable.
4) Cancellation requests received via the 'request a cancellation' form less than 24 hours prior departure will not be processed, you are required to text or call for your refund to be processed.


The team at Atomic Travel ~ “There’s always time…”

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