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Please take a few minutes and fill out this form/survey. Answer everything honestly and thoughtfully. Mr. S will be the only person who views all of this information. I am planning for this year and need to know where everyone's interest and commitment levels are. This will only help if EVERYONE takes the time to fill this out. Thank you in advance!
Name (First and Last) *
What grade level will you be in this year? *
When is your birthday? (Day and Month) *
What are your goals for this year? (Academically, musically, socially, etc. Be Specific!) *
What will you personally do to be involved in the overall success of the Westside Wolf Band? (i.e. always show up to rehearsal prepared, represent the organization in a positive light, help bring up weaker players, etc.) *
Are you interested in doing Drumline/Front Ensemble competitions separate from the band? *
How much extra practice time are you willing to put in outside of scheduled rehearsals each week? *
What is one of your favorite hobbies outside of school/band? *
Out of this list of groups, who is your favorite? *
If you could change one thing about the Wolf Band, what would it be? Be Specific! *
What are some percussion concepts, techniques, or instruments that you are wanting to learn this year? *
What is your favorite thing AND least favorite thing about the Wolf Band? *
If we could bring out a clinician, who would you want to come out and clinic you? (On drumset, marimba, latin percussion, marching percussion, or any other percussion instrument that you're interested in) *
Do you plan on participating in the All-Region/All-State auditions? (REMEMBER: Required for those that plan on auditioning for Wind Ensemble) *
Are you wanting to play a solo at Solo and Ensemble? If so, what type of solo are you wanting to do? (REQUIRED for members of the Wind Ensemble) *
Are you interested in participating in the Westside Indoor Percussion Ensemble? (Same amount of rehearsal time as marching band during the Spring) *
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