Online Open Consultation of Civil Society, Academia and the Private Sector on the Global Indicator Framework for the Goals and Targets of the Sustainable Development Goals

Organized by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators

11 August 2015 - 7 September 2015

    Instructions - Please Read before beginning the consultation:

    This consultation is only for civil society, academia and the private sector and not for Members or Observers of the IAEG-SDGs. If you are from a National Statistical Office or an international or regional organization, please use the following link and provide your comments through the consultation forum for Members and Observers. Participants in this consultation are encouraged to: 1) submit their comments, proposals, and responses to the cross-cutting questions proposed by the IAEG-SDGs; and 2) provide comments on the list of indicator proposals currently under discussion by the IAEG-SDGs. The current list of indicator proposals can be found at the following link: Important Note 1: If your organization previously submitted comments during the first consultation, please do not resubmit the same information. The valuable comments and suggestions made during the first consultation were compiled and already provided to the IAEG-SDGs for their consideration and a link to the summary provided can be viewed here: Please only submit new information. Important Note 2: We ask that you please consult with colleagues within your organization prior to completing the online consultation form in order to limit the number of submissions to one per organization. A pdf version of this questionnaire is available on the IAEG-SDGs website: to share with your colleagues. After coordinating with your colleagues, please enter your responses below. Please note the character limit per response. Organization of the Online Open Consultation: The consultation is divided into four sections: 1) Basic information about you, your organization and your interest in the indicator framework for the SDGs. 2) Comments on the indicators for the 17 goals and 169 targets. There will be one entry for each target where you can provide your comments on indicators for this target. There will be a character limit of 1,000 (approximately 200 words) for these responses. 3) Inputs on four cross-cutting issues that are of particular importance to the work of IAEG-SDGs. We ask that your responses to these discussion topics remain brief (a character limit of 2,500, approximately 500 words exists) in order to allow us to effectively process the responses. 4) Additional comments you wish to provide to the IAEG-SDGs. If you encounter any problems with the online form or have any questions regarding its completion, please contact Benjamin Rae at Thank you for your collaboration in completing this consultation.