Thank you so much for being interested in this seedlingship. A little bit of my heart is going towards making this happen. Please make sure that you have read all the information on my main site about this seedlingship ( This application is very important for me, I want to make sure that we are both a good fit so please take some time to respond mindful questions. I know that we all got stuff going on and applications can be a little bit too overwhelming sometimes, that is why I made this application short and sweet.
This seedlingship is open to :
- Queer, Trans People of Color (QTPOC)
- people of color that understand and honor QTPOC magic
- white people that honor the work, are constantly working on their allyship and will pay the higher range of the sliding scale or donate to the scholarship fund
Email *
What territory/ies will you be participating from?
How do you want to join? *
Are you a Person of Color? *
If you are not a Person of Color, in what ways to do dismantle white supremacy in your daily life?
Why are you interested on joining this SEEDS TO CALDRON SEEDLINGSHIP? What interested you about it? What called you? *
What identities do you hold that shape your magic? (is it queer magic? migrant resilience? or maybe femme power?... tell us!) *
What is your connection to seeds, gardens, herbs, potions? Have you taking many shares before, or maybe have you learned a bunch from your family, or maybe you are just starting to reconnect to it. This seedlingship is created for people that are just starting up their herbal studies or those that wish to supplement their learning. Please make sure to throughly look at the content offered before signing up! *
I want to offer some scholarships for QTPOC Youth (21 and younger), undocumented People Of Color and Womxn + Femmes Youth of Color. Are you interested on donating some money to the pot? Or are you somebody that fits the identities above and need financial support to take this seedlingship? Let us know!
Anything else you wish to share?!
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