Film Development Time for Photographic Film
Hi I am making some software which will let you look up processing times for film. If you have ever seen the massive Dev chart ( it is a project a little similar to this. Please help me in getting as many Development times as possible.
What is your name?
I would like to credit people and their times in the project, also thank them! (usernames or pseudonyms are fine)
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Is this a time provided by the manufacturer?
Is this one of the officially stated times from the manufacturer or is it one that you have found from a third party?
What film is being used?
What is the film in question for the development time.
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What developer is used?
What developer is used on the film for the time?
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What dilution for the developer is used?
Usually Developers have a recommended dilution like 1+1 or 1+19, Please write Stock for undiluted.
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Is this time for a rotary processing machine?
Is this time specifically for a rotary film processing machine like a JOBO or Phototherm machine.
How long do you develop with this combination?
What is the optimal time for this?
Are there any special notes on this process?
Is there a particular look that this process is used for or is there anything that should be avoided while using this process?
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