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We'd love to visit your school or university, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky with our resources, especially if it is in an area that is not close to a capital city. The more booking requests we can receive from one area the more likely we can make a trip to the area happen. You can help us out big time by passing on some info for the questions below.

This form can be completed by anyone who does not live in Melbourne or does not live in one of the regions listed in the '2019 Trips' at
If you do live in Melbourne or one of the regions listed on our site, then please fill out the main booking form.

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What are some ideal times to make a trip to your area?
Some dates that we can work off to try and make something work. (preferably 4-6 months notice)
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Do you know any other people who work in a school or university in your area that we can reach out to?
Optional. If you have friends or contacts within other schools or universities in your area, you can list them here. We will aim to connect with them to see if they would also like a School Session if we can make a trip work. The more listed, the more likely we could make a trip happen (Contact name, School/Uni name, Contact number or email)
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