41st+Fox Next Steps Study Public Meeting #2
Thank you for completing this survey. We want to hear your thoughts about the 41st and Fox Next Steps Study!
Some questions on this survey refer to specific materials presented at the Public Meeting #2. Those materials are available for review on the web at bit.ly/41FoxStudy under "October Workshop"
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The 41st and Fox Next Steps Study is exploring best ways to add new connections into the neighborhood. What connections do you think should take priority?
Improving bicycle and pedestrian connections at 44TH AVE BRIDGE
Improving access at the 38TH & FOX & PARK INTERCHANGE
Creating better LOCAL CIRCULATION within the neighborhood
Alleviating flooding issues at 38TH UNDERPASS
First Priority
Second Priority
Third Priority
What type of transportation mode should take priority for improvements?
VEHICLES, including passenger cars, emergency vehicles, and trucks and freight
TRANSIT, including bus and commuter rail
First Priority
Second Priority
Third Prioity
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