Young Artists Showcase 2020
Applications DUE on Friday, January 25, 2020.

6 Contestants will be chosen to compete as finalists on Friday, February 1, 2020.
5 Challenges will be posted Sunday, March 1, 2020.
The competition will run every Friday from April 3 - May 1.

Please see our website for all additional info regarding YAS:
Name *
Parent Name (if Applicant under 18)
If a YAS alumni (former YAS contestant) completed the YAS Alumni Nomination Form and referred you to apply, please list their name below (applicants are only eligible for the discount if the YAS Alumni Nomination Form was completed).
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Age *
Please provide a video link (via YouTube or Vimeo) of your choreography reel. Please submit one video between 5-7 minutes. *
Please provide a 3-paragraph summary detailing why you are a strong candidate for one of the 6 selected contestants for Young Artists Showcase, and what you hope to gain from the competition/experience. *
I understand that while participating in the Young Artists Showcase, photographs or videotape of my image may occur. I hereby consent to my image and name being used by AIT and YAS/Q4C for commerce, business, educational and/or entertainment purposes, without limitation. *
I understand that American Ice Theatre [AIT] its officials, employees and agents, officers, directors its subsidiaries cannot be responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by my participation in the Young Artists Showcase. With this knowledge, I consent to my participation in the Young Artists Showcase. I further consent to my participation in choreography projects and any other activity in connection with this program. I agree that I or anyone I enlist in connection with this program will not institute any legal action or assert any claim against AIT for any injury or damage experienced during Young Artists Showcase. I am in full understanding of, and will comply with policies as set forth by AIT.
The application fee is $95 or ($75 with completed YAS Alumni Nomination form). Your application WILL NOT BE FINALIZED until you send in your payment. Please send in your payment via PayPal to *
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